The extension defines a new BudgetBreakdown object with these fields:

Field Title Description Type(s)
id Identificatore

An identifier for this particular budget entry.

string or integer
description Descrizione

A short free text description of this budget entry.

amount Importo

The value of the budget line item.

Value object
uri Informazioni di collegamento al finanziamento

A URI pointing directly to a machine-readable information about this budget entry.

period Budget period

The period covered by this budget entry.

Period object
sourceParty Source party

The organization or other party related to this budget entry. If the budget amount is positive, this indicates a flow of resources from the party to the contracting process. If the budget amount is negative, it indicates a payment from the contracting process to this party.

OrganizationReference object


The extension defines these fields in the Budget object from OCDS:

Field Title Description Type(s)
budgetBreakdown Budget breakdown

A detailed breakdown of the budget by period and/or participating funders.

array of BudgetBreakdown objects