The extension adds these codes to the partyRole.csv codelist.

Codice Titolo Descrizione
qualifiedBidder Qualified bidder

Those parties invited to submit a proposal in response to a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a project in which the government only allows a limited number of pre-qualified bidders to proceed to the RFP phase.

disqualifiedBidder Disqualified bidder

A bidder which either did not pass the qualification stage of the evaluation process or did not pass the pre-qualification stage of the process.


Codice Titolo Descrizione
planned Pianificato

This pre-qualification has been proposed, but is not yet taking place.

active Attivo.

A pre-qualification process is currently taking place.

cancelled Annullato.

The pre-qualification process has been cancelled.

unsuccessful Respinta.

The pre-qualification process was unsuccessful.

complete Completare

The pre-qualification process is complete.