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The extension defines a new ParticipationFee object with these fields:

Field Title Description Type(s)
id ID de tarifa

The locally unique identifier for the fee.

type Tipo de cuota/cargo

The type of the fee.

array of strings from closed participationFeeType codelist
value Valor

The monetary value of the fee.

Value object
relativeValue Relative value

The value of the fee, as a proportion of a monetary value.

RelativeValue object
description Descripción

Additional information about the fee, for example: the specific cases in which the fee is applicable (e.g. hard copies of documents only), the way in which the fee is levied, or the exact nature of the fee.

methodOfPayment Payment methods

The accepted ways to pay the fee.

array of strings from open methodOfPayment codelist
paymentAddress Payment address

The physical address to which to submit non-electronic payments.

Address object
payee Payee

The organization that receives the fee.

OrganizationReference object


The extension defines these fields in the Tender object from OCDS:

Field Title Description Type(s)
participationFees Cuotas de participación

Cualquier tarifa aplicable a los ofertantes que quieren participar en el proceso de licitaciones. Las tarifas pueden aplicar para acceder los documentos de oferta, para enviar las ofertas o puede haber una cuota que debe ser pagada por el ofertante ganador.

array of ParticipationFee objects


The extension defines a new RelativeValue object with these fields:

Field Title Description Type(s)
proportion Proportion

The proportion of the monetary value, expressed as a decimal between 0 and 1.

monetaryValue Monetary value

The name of the monetary value.

string from closed monetaryValue codelist