The extension adds these codes to the documentType.csv codelist.

Code Titre Description
tariffs Tariffs

For providing tariff and pricing schedules.

tariffMethod Tariff Method

For summarizing the method by which tariffs are set and linking to detailed documentation of the methods for setting tariffs. This may include written documentation and spreadsheets providing the models used to calculate tariffs.

tariffReview Tariff Review

For summarizing the arrangements for the review and regulation of tariffs and linking to detailed documentation that covers how tariffs are regulated. This is important to explain to users why they are paying what they are paying and the scope for changes to payment structures.

tariffIllustration Tariff Illustration

For linking to graphs and reports on the change over time in tariff prices. Use the relevant image media type when linking to PNG or JPEG or GIF graphs to allow applications to directly display this content.


Code Titre Description
government Government

The charge is paid by the government

user User

The charge is paid by businesses or citizens using the facilities provided by the contract