The extension defines these fields in the Implementation object from OCDS:

Field Title Description Type(s)
tariffs Tariffs

The tariffs as they apply during the life of the project. Also known as tolls or user charges. These may be initially copied from the contract section, and then updated with any revisions over the lifetime of the implementation phase.

array of Tariff objects


The extension defines these fields in the Contract object from OCDS:

Field Title Description Type(s)
tariffs Tariffs

The tariffs as set out in the contract schedules. Also known as tolls or user charges. Updates to tariffs over the operation of the contract can be provided in the implementation section.

array of Tariff objects


The extension defines a new Tariff object with these fields:

Field Title Description Type(s)
id Tariff identifier

A local identifier for this specific tariff. This field is used to keep track of revisions of a tariff across multiple OCDS releases.

title Tariff title

The title of this tariff.

paidBy Paid by

Is this a user charge (paid by businesses or citizens using the facilities provided by the contract), or a charge paid by the government?

period Tariff period

The period to which this tariff applies.

Period object
value Tariff value

The price per unit of this tariff.

Value object
unit Tariff unit

The unit against which this tariff is charged.

object Unit name

The name of the unit that the tariff is charged against. E.g. tonnes,

unit.scheme Schéma d'URI

The list from which units of measure identifiers are taken. This should be an entry in the unitClassificationScheme codelist. Use of the scheme 'UNCEFACT' for the UN/CEFACT Recommendation 20 list of 'Codes for Units of Measure Used in International Trade' is recommended.

string Identifiant

The identifier from the codelist referenced in the schema property. For example, with UNCEFACT, this is the value of the 'Common Code' column. From this identifier, applications can look-up the human readable name or symbol for this unit of measure.

unit.uri URI

Si le schéma utilisé fournit une URI pour cette unité de mesure, elle peut être indiquée.

dimensions Tariff dimensions

Used to capture the different breakdowns in tariff charges. Any number of dimensions can be recorded within this object. Dimensions names should follow the camelCase conventions of OCDS.

dimensions.(^.*) string
notes Tariff notes

Any notes on this tariff line item. This may include clarifying information.