In core OCDS transactions are a property of the implementation object.

Some contracts link payments against a contract to specific milestones for the delivery of the contract.

Champs d'extension

This extension adds a relatedImplementationMilestone property to the transaction object.

The relatedImplementationMilestone property is a MilestoneReference object.

The MilestoneReference object is introduced by the metrics extension.


  "implementation": {
    "milestones": [
        "id": "1234",
        "title": "Example milestone",
        "dueDate": "2017-01-01T17:00:00Z",
        "dateMet": "2016-12-28T17:00:00Z",
        "status": "met",
        "dateModified": "2016-12-28T17:00:00Z"
    "transactions": [
        "id": "ABC-123",
        "source": "",
        "date": "2017-01-05T13:00:00Z",
        "value": {
          "amount": 150000,
          "currency": "GBP"
        "payer": {
          "id": "GB-GOV-00000000",
          "name": "Example ministry"
        "payee": {
          "id": "GB-COH-99999999",
          "name": "Example consortium"
        "relatedImplementationMilestone": {
          "id": "1234",
          "title": "Example milestone"


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