You can download the translated release-schema.json file.


The extension defines a new Guarantee object with these fields:

Field Title Description Type(s)
id Guarantee ID

A local identifier for this guarantee, unique within this block.

string or integer
type Guarantee type

Specify the guarantee type for this contract using the guaranteeType codelist.

string from open guaranteeType codelist
date Guarantee date

The date of the guarantee. This is the date on which the guarantee is issued.

obligations Guaranteed obligations

Specify the type of obligations that are guaranteed, using the obligationType codelist.

string from open guaranteedObligations codelist
value Guarantee value

Total amount of the guarantee.

Value object
guarantor Guarantor

Institution that issues the guarantee.

OrganizationReference object
period Guarantee period

The period on which this quote is valid.

Period object


The extension defines these fields in the Contract object from OCDS:

Field Title Description Type(s)
guarantees Guarantees

A list of the guarantees given for this contract.

array of Guarantee objects