The extension defines these fields in the release schema:

Field Title Description Type(s)
preQualification Pre-qualification

The activities undertaken in order to qualify suppliers to participate in the tender.

PreQualification object


The extension defines a new PreQualification object with these fields:

Field Title Description Type(s)
id Pre-qualification ID

An identifier for this pre-qualification process. This may be the same as the ocid, or may be drawn from an internally held identifier for this process.

string or integer
title Pre-qualification title

Pre-qualification title

This field has multilingual support.

description Pre-qualification description

Pre-qualification description

This field has multilingual support.

status Pre-qualification status

The current status of the pre-qualification based on the preQualificationStatus codelist.

submissionMethod Metodo di presentazione delle offerte

Specify the method by which bids must be submitted, in person, written, or electronic auction. Using the submission method codelist

array of strings
submissionMethodDetails Dettagli del metodo di presentazione delle offerte

Qualsiasi informazione dettagliata o ulteriore sul metodo di presentazione delle offerte. Questo può includere l'indirizzo, l'indirizzo e-mail o il servizio online a cui devono essere inviate le offerte, e qualsiasi requisito speciale al quale gli offerenti devo attenersi per l'invio.

This field has multilingual support.

period Pre-qualification period

The period when the pre-qualification is open for submissions. The end date is the closing date for pre-qualification submissions.

Period object
enquiryPeriod Periodo per sottomettere domande di chiarimento

The period during which enquiries regarding the pre-qualification may be made and answered.

Period object
hasEnquiries Ha richieste?

A true/false field to indicate whether any enquiries were received during the pre-qualification process

eligibilityCriteria Criteri di ammissibilità

A description of any eligibility criteria for bidders to participate in the pre-qualification.

This field has multilingual support.

qualificationPeriod Qualification period

The date or period when candidates will are anticipated to be qualified or pre-selected (shortlisted).

Period object
numberOfTenderers Numero di offerenti

The number of entities who submit a response to the pre-qualification.

tenderers Gli offerenti

All entities who submit a response to the pre-qualification.

array of OrganizationReference objects
procuringEntity Stazione appaltante

Il soggetto che gestisce l'appalto, che può essere diverso dall'acquirente il quale paga / utilizza gli articoli oggetto dell'appalto.

OrganizationReference object
documents Documenti

All documents and attachments related to the pre-qualification, including any notices. See the documentType codelist for details of potential documents to include.

array of Document objects
milestones Fasi

A list of milestones associated with the pre-qualification.

array of Milestone objects
amendments Modifiche

An amendment is a formal change to the pre-qualification process, and generally involves the publication of a new RFQ notice/release. The rationale and a description of the changes made can be provided here.

array of Amendment objects