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Código Título
AMNINJ Injection, amniotic fluid
BILINJ Injection, biliary tract
CHOLINJ Injection, for cholangiography
DRESS Topical application, soaked dressing
ELECTOSMOS Electro-osmosis
IONTO Topical application, iontophoresis
SOAK Immersion (soak)
SWAB Topical application, swab
BUC Topical application, buccal
CECINSTL Instillation, cecostomy
CERV Topical application, cervical
CERVINJ Injection, cervical
CERVINS Insertion, cervical (uterine)
DEN Topical application, dental
DENRINSE Rinse, dental
CHEW Chew, oral
EXTCORPDIF Diffusion, extracorporeal
HEMODIFF Diffusion, hemodialysis
TRNSDERMD Diffusion, transdermal
DISSOLVE Dissolve, oral
SL Dissolve, sublingual
DOUCHE Douche, vaginal
ENEMA Enema, rectal
RETENEMA Enema, rectal retention
EFT Instillation, enteral feeding tube
ENTINSTL Instillation, enteral
EPI Infusion, epidural
EPIDURINJ Injection, epidural
EPIINJ Injection, epidural, push
EPINJSP Injection, epidural, slow push
EXTRAMNINJ Injection, extra-amniotic
EXTCORPINJ Injection, extracorporeal
IVFLUSH Flush, intravenous catheter
GBINJ Injection, gastric button
GT Instillation, gastrostomy tube
NGT Instillation, nasogastric tube
OGT Instillation, orogastric tube
GUIRR Irrigation, genitourinary
GIN Topical application, gingival
GINGINJ Injection, gingival
HAIR Topical application, hair
IDIMPLNT Implantation, intradermal
IVITIMPLNT Implantation, intravitreal
SQIMPLNT Implantation, subcutaneous
IA Infusion, intraarterial catheter
IC Infusion, intracardiac
ICOR Infusion, intracoronary
IOSSC Infusion, intraosseous, continuous
IT Infusion, intrathecal
IV Infusion, intravenous
IVASCINFUS Infusion, intravascular
SQINFUS Infusion, subcutaneous
IPINHL Inhalation, respiratory
IPPB Inhalation, intermittent positive pressure breathing (ippb)
NASINHL Inhalation, nasal
NEB Inhalation, nebulization
TRACH Inhalation, tracheostomy
VENT Inhalation, ventilator
VENTMASK Inhalation, ventimask
BLADINJ Injection, urinary bladder
ENDOSININJ Injection, endosinusial
HEMOPORT Injection, hemodialysis port
IABDINJ Injection, intra-abdominal
IAINJ Injection, intraarterial
IARTINJ Injection, intraarticular
IBURSINJ Injection, intrabursal
ICARDINJ Injection, intracardiac
ICARTINJ Injection, intracartilaginous
ICAUDINJ Injection, intracaudal
ICAVINJ Injection, intracavernous
ICAVITINJ Injection, intracavitary
ICEREBINJ Injection, intracerebral
ICISTERNINJ Injection, intracisternal
ICORONINJ Injection, intracoronary
ICORPCAVINJ Injection, intracorpus cavernosum
IDINJ Injection, intradermal
IDISCINJ Injection, intradiscal
IDUCTINJ Injection, intraductal
IDURINJ Injection, intradural
IEPIDINJ Injection, intraepidermal
IEPITHINJ Injection, intraepithelial
ILESINJ Injection, intralesional
ILUMINJ Injection, intraluminal
ILYMPJINJ Injection, intralymphatic
IM Injection, intramuscular
IMEDULINJ Injection, intramedullary
INTERMENINJ Injection, interameningeal
INTERSTITINJ Injection, interstitial
IOINJ Injection, intraocular
IOSSINJ Injection, intraosseous
IOVARINJ Injection, intraovarian
IPCARDINJ Injection, intrapericardial
IPERINJ Injection, intraperitoneal
IPINJ Injection, intrapulmonary
IPLRINJ Injection, intrapleural
IPROSTINJ Injection, intraprostatic
IPUMPINJ Injection, insulin pump
ISINJ Injection, intraspinal
ISTERINJ Injection, intrasternal
ISYNINJ Injection, intrasynovial
ITENDINJ Injection, intratendinous
ITESTINJ Injection, intratesticular
ITHORINJ Injection, intrathoracic
ITINJ Injection, intrathecal
ITUBINJ Injection, intratubular
ITUMINJ Injection, intratumor
ITYMPINJ Injection, intratympanic
IUINJ Injection, intrauterine
IUINJC Injection, intracervical (uterus)
IURETINJ Injection, intraureteral, retrograde
IVASCINJ Injection, intravascular
IVENTINJ Injection, intraventricular (heart)
IVESINJ Injection, intravesicle
IVINJ Injection, intravenous
IVITINJ Injection, intravitreal
PAINJ Injection, periarticular
PARENTINJ Injection, parenteral
PDONTINJ Injection, periodontal
PDPINJ Injection, peritoneal dialysis port
PDURINJ Injection, peridural
PNINJ Injection, perineural
PNSINJ Injection, paranasal sinuses
RBINJ Injection, retrobulbar
SCINJ Injection, subconjunctival
SLESINJ Injection, sublesional
SOFTISINJ Injection, soft tissue
SQ Injection, subcutaneous
SUBARACHINJ Injection, subarachnoid
SUBMUCINJ Injection, submucosal
TRPLACINJ Injection, transplacental
TRTRACHINJ Injection, transtracheal
URETHINJ Injection, urethral
URETINJ Injection, ureteral
IOSURGINS Insertion, intraocular, surgical
IU Insertion, intrauterine
LPINS Insertion, lacrimal puncta
PR Insertion, rectal
SQSURGINS Insertion, subcutaneous, surgical
URETHINS Insertion, urethral
VAGINSI Insertion, vaginal
BLADINSTL Instillation, urinary catheter
CAPDINSTL Instillation, continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis port
CTINSTL Instillation, chest tube
ETINSTL Instillation, endotracheal tube
GJT Instillation, gastro-jejunostomy tube
IBRONCHINSTIL Instillation, intrabronchial
IDUODINSTIL Instillation, intraduodenal
IESOPHINSTIL Instillation, intraesophageal
IGASTINSTIL Instillation, intragastric
IILEALINJ Instillation, intraileal
IOINSTL Instillation, intraocular
ISININSTIL Instillation, intrasinal
ITRACHINSTIL Instillation, intratracheal
IUINSTL Instillation, intrauterine
JJTINSTL Instillation, jejunostomy tube
LARYNGINSTIL Instillation, laryngeal
NASALINSTIL Instillation, nasal
NASOGASINSTIL Instillation, nasogastric
NTT Instillation, nasotracheal tube
OJJ Instillation, orojejunum tube
OT Instillation, otic
PDPINSTL Instillation, peritoneal dialysis port
PNSINSTL Instillation, paranasal sinuses
RECINSTL Instillation, rectal
SININSTIL Instillation, sinus, unspecified
SOFTISINSTIL Instillation, soft tissue
TRACHINSTL Instillation, tracheostomy
TRTYMPINSTIL Instillation, transtympanic
URETHINSTL Instillation, urethral
ICORNTA Topical application, intracorneal
ICORONTA Topical application, intracoronal (dental)
IDOUDMAB Mucosal absorption, intraduodenal
IESOPHTA Topical application, intraesophageal
IGASTIRR Irrigation, intragastric
IGASTLAV Lavage, intragastric
IILEALTA Topical application, intraileal
ILESIRR Irrigation, intralesional
ILTOP Topical application, intralesional
ILUMTA Topical application, intraluminal
IOIRR Irrigation, intraocular
IOTOP Topical application, intraocular
ITRACHMAB Mucosal absorption, intratracheal
BLADIRR Irrigation, urinary bladder
RECIRR Irrigation, rectal
LARYNGTA Topical application, laryngeal
TRNSLING Translingual
SMUCMAB Mucosal absorption, submucosal
MUC Topical application, mucous membrane
NAIL Topical application, nail
NASAL Topical application, nasal
ETNEB Nebulization, endotracheal tube
OPTHALTA Topical application, ophthalmic
ORALTA Topical application, oral
ORRINSE Rinse, oral
PO Swallow, oral
ORMUC Topical application, oromucosal
SUCK Suck, oromucosal
SWISHSPIT Swish and spit out, oromucosal
SWISHSWAL Swish and swallow, oromucosal
OROPHARTA Topical application, oropharyngeal
PERIANAL Topical application, perianal
PERINEAL Topical application, perineal
PDONTTA Topical application, periodontal
RECTAL Topical application, rectal
INSUF Insufflation
TRNSDERM Transdermal
SCALP Topical application, scalp
OCDRESTA Occlusive dressing technique
SKIN Topical application, skin
SUBCONJTA Subconjunctival
URETHSUP Suppository, urethral
TTYMPTABSORP Topical absorption, transtympanic
TMUCTA Topical application, transmucosal
VAGINS Topical application, vaginal


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Código Título Descripción
APPFUL Applicatorful
DROP Drops
SCOOP Scoops
SPRY Sprays
GASINHL Gas for Inhalation
AER Aerosol
INHL Inhalant
LIQCLN Liquid Cleanser

An unctuous, combustible substance which is liquid, or easily liquefiable, on warming, and is soluble in ether but insoluble in water. Such substances, depending on their origin, are classified as animal, mineral, or vegetable oils.

SOL Solution

A liquid preparation that contains one or more chemical substances dissolved, i.e., molecularly dispersed, in a suitable solvent or mixture of mutually miscible solvents.

CRM Cream

A semisolid dosage form containing one or more drug substances dissolved or dispersed in a suitable base; more recently, the term has been restricted to products consisting of oil-in-water emulsions or aqueous microcrystalline dispersions of long chain fatty acids or alcohols that are water washable and more cosmetically and aesthetically acceptable.

LTN Lotion

The term "lotion" has been used to categorize many topical suspensions, solutions and emulsions intended for application to the skin.

OINT Ointment

A semisolid preparation intended for external application to the skin or mucous membranes.


A semisolid system consisting of either suspensions made up of small inorganic particles or large organic molecules interpenetrated by a liquid.


A semisolid dosage form that contains one or more drug substances intended for topical application.

SUSP Suspension
BEAD Beads

A solid dosage form in the shape of a small ball.


A substance that serves to produce solid union between two surfaces.

CRYS Crystals

A naturally produced angular solid of definite form in which the ultimate units from which it is built up are systematically arranged; they are usually evenly spaced on a regular space lattice.


A circular plate-like organ or structure.

FLAKE Flakes
GRAN Granules

A small particle or grain.

GUM ChewingGum

A sweetened and flavored insoluble plastic material of various shapes which when chewed, releases a drug substance into the oral cavity.


A drug delivery system that contains an adhesived backing and that permits its ingredients to diffuse from some portion of it (e.g., the backing itself, a reservoir, the adhesive, or some other component) into the body from the external site where it is applied.


A small sterile solid mass consisting of a highly purified drug (with or without excipients) made by the formation of granules, or by compression and molding.


A small, round solid dosage form containing a medicinal agent intended for oral administration.

POWD Powder

An intimate mixture of dry, finely divided drugs and/or chemicals that may be intended for internal or external use.

SUPP Suppository

A solid body of various weights and shapes, adapted for introduction into the rectal, vaginal, or urethral orifice of the human body; they usually melt, soften, or dissolve at body temperature.


A wad of absorbent material usually wound around one end of a small stick and used for applying medication or for removing material from an area.


A thin slice of material containing a medicinal agent.


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Código Título Descripción
amp Ampule

Container sealed by fusion and to be opened exclusively by breaking. The contents are intended for use on one occasion only.

bag Bag

Container consisting of surfaces, whether or not with a flat bottom, made of flexible material, generally closed at the bottom and at the sides by sealing; at the top possibly to be closed by fusion of the material, depending on the intended use. Equipped with special attachments. Contains the final preparation in one compartment or the components necessary for its preparation in different compartments.

blstrpk Blister Pack

Container (usually multidose) consisting of two layers of which one is shaped to contain the individual doses. Strips are excluded.

bot Bottle

Container with a more or less pronounced neck and usually a flat bottom.

box Box

Primary container consisting of one or more parts made of a light material, can be closed.

can Can
cart Cartridge

Filled container, usually cylindrical, containing a sterile, single-dose or multidose, parenteral preparation; it contains the final preparation in one compartment, or the components necessary for its preparation in different compartments. It may be supplied as an integral part of a pre-filled pen or be intended for use in a reusable device especially designed for that purpose, such as a pen.

disk Disk
doset Dosette
jar Jar

Container, without a pronounced neck, with a wide opening at the top and a more-or-less flat bottom. It is suited for semi-solid and solid pharmaceutical forms (including those that are stored/supplied in a liquid medium, such as living tissue equivalents). It can be reclosed.

jug Jug
minim Minim
nebamp Nebule Amp
ovul Ovule
pch Pouch

Item of packaging intended for use as an intermediate or outer container, intended to contain one or more medicinal product(s); it is made of a flexible material and may be for single use or be re-usable, and may be fitted with a closure system. Bags and sachets are excluded.

pkt Packet
sash Sashet

Container consisting of two surfaces made of flexible material to be closed only by sealing or folding over. The contents are intended for single use.

strip Strip

Multidose container consisting of two layers, usually provided with perforations, suited for containing single doses of solid or semi-solid preparations. Blisters are excluded.

tin Tin
tub Tub
tube Tube

Container for semi-solid pharmaceutical forms, usually multidose, consisting of collapsible material intended to release the contents via a nozzle by squeezing the package.

vial Vial

Small container for parenteral medicinal products, with a stopper and overseal; the contents are removed after piercing the stopper. Single-dose and multidose uses are included.