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La extensión define estos campos en el Planning objeto del OCDS:

Campo Título Descripción Tipo(s)
project Project information

The project section can be used to describe the relationship between this contracting process and a project or programme of work.

Project objetos


La extensión define un nuevo Project objeto con estos campos:

Campo Título Descripción Tipo(s)
id Project identifier

An externally provided identifier for the project. This might be drawn from a projects register, or may be based on the canonical version of a project name. Project IDs should be unique to a publisher. URIs can be used.

title Project title

The name of the project to which this contracting process relates. Some organizations maintain a registry of projects, and the data should use the name by which the project is known in that registry.

Este campo tiene soporte multilingüe.

description Project description

A short free text description of the project.

Este campo tiene soporte multilingüe.

totalValue Total project value

The total anticipated value of the project over it's lifetime.

Value objetos
uri Linked project information

A URI pointing to further information about this project.

sector Project sector

A high-level categorization of the main sector this procurement process relates to. Use of UN COFOG codes, with 'COFOG' as the classification scheme, and the numerical COFOG code is recommended for the primary sector classification.

Classification objetos
additionalClassifications Additional sector classifications

Additional project classification, by other sector classifications, or using other classification schemes (e.g. against a strategic framework).

matriz de Classification objetos
locations Project location

Information about the location where a project is taking place.

matriz de Location objetos