Planning processes can relate to different types of projects, including:

This extension adds a planning.project object to describe the infrastructure or public-private partnership (PPP) project to which a planning process is related. The identifier of the project ought to be disclosed in

The planning.budget.projectID field ought to not be used to disclose the identifier of an infrastructure or PPP project. Rather, this field is used to disclose the identifier of a programme of work as it appears in a budget, like a national or state budget. Since such programmes of work can include many infrastructure projects, it is necessary to disclose their identifiers separately.

This extension must be used with the Location extension.


A buyer announces a planning process for the design of a bridge.

This planning process is part of an infrastructure project, which covers the design, construction and supervision of the bridge. Information about the infrastructure project is disclosed in the planning.project object. For example, the planning.project.sector field describes the project's sector, using the OC4IDS projectSector codelist.

A separate OC4IDS dataset describes infrastructure projects in greater detail. In the planning process, and planning.project.uri reference the project's identifier and URI in that OC4IDS dataset.

The planning process and infrastructure project are funded through a programme of work to upgrade the nation's highways. The name and identifier of the programme of work as it appears in the national budget are disclosed in the budget.project and budget.projectID fields.

Note: Planning processes related to public-private partnership projects are modelled in the same way. Information about the PPP project is disclosed in planning.project, not planning.budget.project or planning.budget.projectID.

  "ocid": "ocds-213czf-0000",
  "id": "1",
  "date": "2024-01-01T00:00:00Z",
  "tag": [
  "planning": {
    "project": {
      "id": "oc4ids-bu3kcz-0000",
      "title": "State Highway 1 Clutha River Bridge",
      "description": "Design, construction and supervision of a new bridge crossing for State Highway 1 over the Clutha River.",
      "totalValue": {
        "amount": 113000000,
        "currency": "NZD"
      "uri": "",
      "sector": {
        "id": "transport.road",
        "description": "Road transport, including roads, highways, streets, tunnels and bridges.",
        "scheme": "oc4idsProjectSector"
      "additionalClassifications": [
          "id": "03.04.05",
          "description": "Bridges for road transport.",
          "scheme": "My local scheme"
      "locations": [
          "description": "Balclutha, Otago",
          "geometry": {
            "type": "Point",
            "coordinates": [
    "budget": {
      "project": "National Highway Upgrade",
      "projectID": "001-001-002"
  "tender": {
    "id": "1",
    "title": "Bridge design"

Registro de cambios



  • Add infrastructure project example.


  • Agregar las propiedades minProperties, minItems y/o minLength.


  • Eliminar guía relacionada al objeto planning.budget. Ver #701.


  • Add additional guidance on the use of OCDS fields in the context of this extension.


  • Remove the repetition of OCDS fields in this extension.


  • Add multilingual support for Project.title fields.
  • Remove multilingual support for non-existent Project.source and Project.project fields.
  • Restaura los campos Budget.project y Budget.projectID.
  • Remove obsolete mergeStrategy properties.


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