Adds a country code field to the address object.

In the European Union, this extension's fields correspond to eForms BT-514 (Organisation Country Code), BT-5141 (Place Country Code). For correspondences to Tenders Electronic Daily (TED), see OCDS for the European Union.


  "parties": [
      "id": "GB-LAC-E09000003",
      "name": "London Borough of Barnet",
      "address": {
        "streetAddress": "4, North London Business Park, Oakleigh Rd S",
        "locality": "London",
        "region": "London",
        "postalCode": "N11 1NP",
        "countryName": "United Kingdom",
        "country": "GB"


Report issues for this extension in the ocds-extensions repository, putting the extension's name in the issue's title.

If you need to use a user-assigned code, create an issue to discuss its addition to the codelist.



  • Rename countryCode to country to match OCDS 1.2.

This extension was originally discussed as part of the OCDS for EU profile, in pull requests and in