Adds fields to the tender object to describe the legal basis of the procedure.

The tender.legalBasis field is a Classification object. Example classification schemes are LEX, CELEX and ELI.

To indicate whether a procedure is covered by an international treaty like the Agreemement on Government Procurement (GPA), use the coveredBy extension instead.

In the European Union, this extension's fields correspond to eForms BT-01 (Procedure Legal Basis), BT-09 (Cross Border Law) and Article 39, paragraph 5 of Directive 2014/24/EU.See OCDS for the European Union for the correspondences to Tenders Electronic Daily (TED).


  "tender": {
    "crossBorderLaw": "Italian procurement legislation",
    "legalBasis": {
      "id": "32014L0025",
      "scheme": "CELEX"


Report issues for this extension in the ocds-extensions repository, putting the extension's name in the issue's title.



  • Add minProperties, minItems and/or minLength properties.

This extension was originally discussed as part of the OCDS for EU profile and in pull requests.