Adds a top-level withheld information array to describe items of information whose publication is temporarily or permanently withheld.

In the European Union, this extension's fields correspond to eForms BG-8 (Not Immediately Published). For correspondences to eForms fields, see OCDS for eForms.


  "withheldInformation": [
      "id": "cro-bor-law-18d27a53-0109-4f93-9231-6659d931bce0",
      "field": "cro-bor-law",
      "name": "Cross Border Law",
      "rationale": "Publication of this information is delayed because...",
      "rationaleClassifications": [
          "scheme": "eu-non-publication-justification",
          "id": "oth-int",
          "description": "Other public interest",
          "uri": ""
      "availabilityDate": "2024-12-31T09:00:00+01:00"


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