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The extension defines these fields in the Contract object from OCDS:

Field Title Description Type(s)
finance Finance

Information about financing arrangements for this contract.

array of Finance objects


The extension defines these fields in the Budget object from OCDS:

Field Title Description Type(s)
finance Finance

Information about financing arrangements for a future contracting process.

array of Finance objects


The extension defines a new Finance object with these fields:

Field Title Description Type(s)
id ID

An identifier for this financing arrangement.

title Title

A short title for this financing arrangement.

description Description

A short description of this financing arrangement. This may include details of service fees, commitment fees, lender rights, step in arrangements, exchange rate guarantees, and for syndicated loans, details of syndication and any members of the syndicate.

value Value

The total value of this finance.

Value object
financingParty Financing organization

The organization providing this financing arrangement.

OrganizationReference object
financingPartyType Financing organization type

The type of the financing organization, from the closed financingPartyType codelist.

string from closed financingPartyType codelist
source Funding source

The source of funds for this financing arrangement. For example, the Green Climate Fund.

assetClass Asset class

The asset classes used in this financing arrangement, from the closed assetClass codelist.

array of strings from closed assetClass codelist
type Type

The type of this financing arrangement, from the closed financingArrangementType codelist.

string from closed financingArrangementType codelist
repaymentPriority Repayment priority

The order in which the debt in this financing arrangement will be repaid in case of default, from the closed debtRepaymentPriority codelist.

string from closed debtRepaymentPriority codelist
concessional Concessional

Whether this financing arrangement is provided below market rate in order to accelerate climate or development objectives. Also called soft financing and subsidized funding.

resultsBased Results based

Whether payments under this financing arrangement are contingent on the achievement of pre-defined results.

period Finance period

The period covered by this financing arrangement. Also called maturity.

Period object
paymentPeriod Payment period

The period over which the borrower in this financing arrangement is obliged to make payments.

Period object
paymentFrequency Payment frequency (days)

The average payment frequency (in days) of this financing arrangement. For example, 365 for yearly, 30.4 for monthly, or 1 for daily.

interestRate Interest rate

The interest rate associated with this finance.

interestRate.base Base

The variable to which an additional margin amount is added to get the interest amount. This can be specified as a fixed number, as a known variable (e.g. LIBOR or LIBOR+1%), or can be omitted if margin specifies the entire interest rate.

string or number
interestRate.margin Margin

The variable added to the base to give the interest amount, expressed as a decimal (for example, 0.1) and not as a percentage (for example, 10).

interestRate.fixed Fixed rate

A boolean field. If this interest rate of fixed, set to true. Otherwise, set to false.

interestRate.notes Notes

Any explanatory notes concerning the interest rate.

exchangeRateGuarantee Exchange rate guarantees

Whether there is an associated exchange rate guarantee with this source of finance.

stepInRights Step in rights

Whether provision of this finance confers any step in rights to the financing organization.

relatedLots Related lot(s)

The identifiers of the lots to which this financing arrangement relates.

array of strings