You can download the release-schema.json file in English.


The extension defines a new ParticipationFee object with these fields:

Field Title Description Type(s)
id Fee ID

A local identifier for this fee, unique within this block. This field is used to keep track of multiple revisions of a fee through the compilation from release to record mechanism.

type Fee type

The type of this fee.

array of strings from closed participationFeeType codelist
value Value

The monetary value of this fee.

Value object
description Description

Additional information about this fee, for example: the specific cases in which the fee is applicable (e.g. hard copies of documents only), the way in which the fee is levied, or the exact nature of the fee.

methodOfPayment Method(s) of payment

The accepted ways in which fees can be paid.

array of strings from open methodOfPayment codelist


The extension defines these fields in the Tender object from OCDS:

Field Title Description Type(s)
participationFees Participation fees

Any fees applicable to bidders wishing to participate in the tender process. Fees can apply for accessing bidding documents or for submitting bids, or there can be a "win fee" payable by the successful bidder.

array of ParticipationFee objects